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Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru - Appointment of Members


Posted 15/07/2024

£282 per full day, £141 per half day

Top Reasons to Apply
  1. The Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru is an independent Welsh Government Sponsored Body with the main purpose of publishing a programme of work which keeps under review the electoral arrangements for the 22 principal councils, as well as reviewing the constituency boundaries of the Welsh Parliament (Senedd).
  2. It is important to note commissioners of the Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru will work across the full range of the body’s functions, but each will have particular focus on a functional area.
  3. Time Commitment is Minimum of 1-2 days per month and Location can be Cardiff or virtually via MS Teams.
Job Description

Vacancy title: Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru - Appointment of Members - 1 x Welsh Essential, 1 x Welsh Desirable 

Vetting level: Basic

How many positions: 1 x Welsh Essential, 1 x Welsh Desirable

Position type: Member

Name of body: Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru

Location: Cardiff or virtually via MS Teams

Time Commitment: Minimum of 1-2 days per month

Tenure of office: 4 years 6 months, to 31 March 2029

Remuneration: £282 per full day, £141 per half day

Closing date: 29/07/2024, 16:00 

Appointment of Member to the Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru (formerly known as the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales) 

Role Description – what you will do 

It is important to note commissioners of the Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru will work across the full range of the body’s functions, but each will have particular focus on a functional area. In the case of this current recruitment the functional responsibility is to co-ordinate the running of devolved elections in Wales, through the provision of advice and guidance to Returning Officers and Electoral Registration Officers. 

Strategic Functions

Members will: 

  • Oversee the delivery of Local Government Electoral Boundary Reviews, including one Member taking a Lead Commissioner role for each review.
  • Oversee the delivery of Senedd Boundary Reviews.
  • Determine the level of payments to elected and co-opted members of Unitary Councils, Town and Community Councils, National Park Authorities and Fire and Rescue Authorities. 
  • Co-ordinate the running of devolved elections in Wales, through the provision of advice and guidance to Returning Officers and Electoral Registration Officers (as part of the Electoral Management Board).

Board attendance and participation 

  • Chair and/or participate in sub-committees contributing to the delivery of programmes of work through the Governance and Audit (DBCC Deputy Chair and two Commissioners), Remuneration (at least four Commissioners) or Electoral Review (at least four Commissioners) sub committees.
  • Chair and/or participate in the Electoral Management Board (two Commissioners, one as Chair, one as Board Member).

Stakeholder Management 

  • Ensure strong and effective relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Lead Commissioner roles – Take responsibility for engagement and communication with council leaders, officers, and other key stakeholders across local government.
  • Electoral Management Board roles – Ensure strong effective relationships with electoral administration staff, returning officers and wider stakeholders such as the Electoral Commission.

Communication and Engagement 

  • Ensure effective consultation and engagement on proposals in accordance with the Commission’s Communication and Engagement strategy, ensuring feedback is used to support continuous learning and improvement.
  • Ensure consultation is fully compliant with statutory legislative framework and used to inform decision making for all electoral reviews and remuneration determinations.
  • Ensure Commission decisions are communicated clearly and all communications are accessible.

Analysis of information / use of research and evidence to support effective decision making 

  • Analyse and interpret information and make effective use of evidence to support panel decision making on Local Government Electoral and Senedd Boundary Review options and remuneration.
  • Use research and evidence to support effective decision making of the Electoral Management Board.
  • Identify trends across all aspects of Commission programmes to inform a research and evidence plan that ensures the Commission is contributing to the Democratic health of the nation.
  • Use evidence and research in the provision of advice to the Welsh Government on the state of Democratic health in Wales.

Policy Development 

  • Develop policy, practice and robust methodology to support decision making.
  • Provide guidance and advice to key stakeholders on the effective running of devolved elections in Wales, remuneration policy and determinations, and electoral reviews.
  • Through shared learning, develop and implement guidance for the effective delivery of elections across Wales.

Legislative Framework 

  • Understand the legislative framework that impacts decisions and Commission work.
  • Ensure the Commission is working within the legislative framework.
  • Horizon scan for future changes to legislation that are likely to impact the functions of the Commission.

Corporate Governance 

  • Ensure the organisation is fit for purpose with effective corporate governance arrangements in place in respect to financial and risk management and organisational development.
  • Ensure plans and policies are regularly reviewed.
  • Provide leadership and strategic direction to the organisation and support the Chief Executive and senior leadership team to delivery corporate objectives and drive a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Ensure the delivery of outcomes against the Commission strategy and organisational plan, delivery of Welsh Government objectives and that the Minister’s Remit Letter is fulfilled.

Performance Management and Quality Assurance 

  • Oversee the quality assurance process for the production of draft and final reports.
  • Ensure the effective monitoring of the Commission’s performance.

Person Specification – who are we looking for 

The skills and experiences we are looking for are set out below. When submitting your personal statement, you should show how your skills and experiences could be used in this role.

Essential specification Applicants must be able to demonstrate: -

Welsh context

  • Understanding of how local government operates in Wales and the importance of democratic health.


  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing to individuals ranging across members of the public, elected representatives and senior leaders.
  • Ability to exercise independent judgement – make decisions and explain how they have been made.

Analytical and Interpretation skills 

  • Ability to evaluate a wide range of information, including geographical data and formulate a reasoned conclusion. 
  • Experience of utilising research and analysis to support effective decision making 
  • Ability to assess options, identify and formulate solutions using a methodical and analytical approach.

Legislative framework 

  • Understanding of the legislative framework the Commission operates within to ensure effective robust decision making.


  • Ability to remain impartial and objective in offering constructive advice and observation. 
  • Strong track record of delivering outcomes with an ability to reflect on and learn from own lived experiences.

Political neutrality

  • Ability to work on basis of strict political neutrality.
  • Understanding of and commitment to the Nolan Principles of public life 

Corporate Governance

  • Understanding of importance of effective corporate and financial governance
  • Knowledge, skills or experience of financial management, accounting, risk management, audit and accountability structures 


  • Experience of co-ordinating or running local government, Senedd, parliamentary or Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Desirable Specification 

Analytical experience

  • Experience of working with spatial, geographical or numerical data to support decision making 


  • Experience of commissioning and analysing research

Welsh Language 

Welsh language skills are essential for one post and desirable for one post, but not a pre-requisite for appointment. However, all candidates will be expected to display an empathy towards the language. 


  • Understanding - Can understand all work-related conversations
  • Reading - Full understanding of all work-related material
  • Speaking - Fluent
  • Writing - Can prepare written material for all work-related matters


  • Understanding - Can understand basic conversations about everyday topics
  • Reading - Can read simple material on everyday topics with understanding
  • Speaking - Can converse in simple work-related conversations
  • Writing - Can write simple work-related correspondence.