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Study finds coffee breaks with colleagues improve productivity by 23%


Study finds coffee breaks with colleagues improve productivity by 23%

New data suggests that coffee breaks in the office have a 77% chance of improving productivity.

Coffee breaks may seem like a trivial part of your working day, but they can do wonders for your energy – and not just because of the caffeine.
Leading coffee machine providers at Connect Vending ran an experiment to see how a week without coffee breaks with colleagues impacts staff.
Their experiment saw 30 participants rate certain factors about their job before and after five working days where they were not able to take their usual coffee breaks with their ‘work bestie’.

After a week without coffee breaks 77% of participants found that their productivity had decreased. On average, they felt their productivity had decreased by 23%.
The new study has also uncovered that coffee breaks with colleagues has an impact on job satisfaction finding that without coffee breaks with colleagues:

  • There’s a 94% chance that staff will have less fun in the office. 
  • There’s an 84% chance staff will enjoy their job less
  • and 70% were more likely to quit

Breaks are also pivotal for staff bonds, according to the study. After a week without coffee breaks with a closest colleague, 77% felt more distant to their work bestie.

Elyas Coutts, Chief Executive Officer at Connect Vending commented on the findings:

“Our data goes to show that it’s not just the caffeine that gives us the boost we need during the working day, but it’s the act of taking coffee breaks which improves job satisfaction and productivity. Not only that, but having coffee breaks with your favourite colleague is also proven to help build staff relationships.”

Original Article: HRnews

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