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Do's and Dont's of a Work's Do


Do's and Dont's of a Work's Do

1.       Make the effort

Firstly, you have to make the effort to go. Someone has taken the time to organise a party or night out so you should make the effort to attend. If your co-workers know you are willing to spend time with them outside of office hours, they will be more likely to open up to you and be friends with you knowing you aren’t just being nice to them because you have to see them five days of the week.

2.       Attire should still be office appropriate

You may be thinking about wearing that new top you bought for a night out with your friends last week…but think about how it will look wearing a low cut top or flip flops out with your boss. It isn’t going to give off a good impression and just like when you’re in the office; you still want to keep it professional.

3.       Lower your inhibitions – Within reason of course

This is the perfect time to get to know people you haven’t had the time to mingle with yet so let your hair down but don’t lower your guard. By all means have a drink in order to boost your confidence as this allows people to get to know the real you without the pressure of deadlines and heavy workload. The pressure everyone faces in work can sometimes mean you don’t get to know your co-workers on a personal level but a work party means you can talk and dance with people you wouldn’t normally have the chance to get to know so loosen up and have a good time.


1.       Get too drunk

By all means let loose a little bit, but don’t go too wild. You will definitely regret those Jager bombs and a round of shots for the team the next morning. Have a drink and let people know you’re up for having fun but the worst thing you can do is have a few drinks to help your nerves before you go out. You’ll end up on a stage doing the worm and telling everyone that you love them. Not a good look.

2.       Leave early unless you have a valid excuse

Leaving early will only make you seem like the party pooper of the office. Unless your excuse is genuine, like an early appointment / commitment the next morning that you can’t get out of, you should make the effort to stay until the end because although it is an out of work activity, your actions will still be judged as it would be during work time.

3.       Don’t talk about work

A work’s party is the perfect place to get to know your colleagues on a personal level so if you find yourself talking about work, try to get into conversations that you would normally have with your friends instead. It is always good to know what your colleagues are like outside of work in order to understand them on a deeper level. You may even find that the co-worker you have always been a bit intimidated by is really funny and you may get on really well. An informal situation like a party tends to bring people out of their shells including yourself.


So, most importantly have fun and don’t get too drunk!