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How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break


How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

You may have what you think is a good reason to skip lunch — you’re halfway through a project or you need to prepare for a meeting, for example. You might even feel guilty leaving your desk to take a half-hour break for food and a breath of fresh air.

Research conducted about candidates with Jobs in Cardiff show they don't always take their full lunch break each day. But fully maximising your lunch break can make a huge difference to your afternoon productivity and happiness

Here are some ways to ensure you’re doing lunch right.

Lunch isn’t just about eating

It’s not just eating that gives you a boost to get through the afternoon, the act of stepping away from your desk for lunch requires movement. Getting up and moving around gets the blood moving in your body and wakes you up. Even this small movement can make you feel refreshed and ready to take on another task.


If possible use your lunch break to exercise instead of  slumping at your desk browsing the internet. An added benefit is that the gym isn’t going to be as busy at lunch, so no waiting around to go on a machine.  We all know the physical benefits of exercises, but it can also reduce stress and improve your mood and self-confidence so you’ll be bouncing back into the office ready to take on the afternoon.

Avoid eating at your desk

If you eat lunch at your desk and work while you’re eating, you won’t get the benefits of a break. It’s very hard to switch off properly when you have emails popping up in front of you and it can often give the wrong impression to other colleagues who may then hassle you for work related issues. By eating lunch away from your desk you will be less likely to get distracted by work and it’s clear to your other colleagues that you are on your lunch break. A change of scenery can also be  just the trick for reviving energy for the second half of the day!

How to take a legitimate lunch break

If your company culture is one where everyone eats at their desks, you may have to start a conversation about the importance of lunch breaks so you can take a real one. Explain to managers and colleagues how a proper lunch break can boost productivity to encourage them to build lunchtimes into their workday. This should cultivate a ‘lunch breaks are valuable attitude’ in their workplace.


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