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Avionics \ Electrical Supervisor  

North West Wales£2.4K (incl Shift Allowance) 
To ensure Avionic \ Electrical trade tasks pertinent to the maintenance, rectification and preparation of the authorities assets  are carried out with the correct level of supervision by persons authorised and competent to do so. Tasks are to be monitored and carried out in a safe efficient manner to ensure task progression meets the allocated flying program with out compromising flight safety or the airworthiness of the aircraft. Any problems or foreseen delays are to be passed directly to senior trade supervisor
To ensure with the available assets allocated tasks are carried out to meet the contracted flying programme.
The allocated manning resource is to be suitably qualified to meet the authorities’ maintenance requirements to return aircraft to the flying state in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.
Ensuring supervised staff adheres to the policies and procedures set out in the list of publications in section 4 of the contract. The list is not exhaustive and does not absolve staff from conforming to other relevant publications not included in the list.
The allocated materials and equipment used to effect the repair, testing and maintenance of assets are to be maintained and controlled in accordance with the authorities instructions.
Ensuring sufficient time is allocated to each task to ensure of its quality and completeness, and the nature, complexity, environment and skill levels of the tradesman must also be considered prior to any signing of supervisory tasks.
Wiring husbandry standards are maintained.
Arm electrical maintenance and work recordings carried out in accordance with the authorities instructions.
Aircraft rectification and preventative maintenance is dealt with in accordance with the authorities technical instructions.
Any OOPs maintenance carried out on the ASP is adequately supervised and monitored to ensure it is carried out without impact to the next wave.
To act as a communication focal point between the work face and the senior Av \ Elect supervisor to ensure effective and productive tasking is maintained.
At all times safety and airworthiness issues are paramount to any aircraft operation.
Strive to meet contracted outputs whilst adherence to current standards and guidelines.
Continue to support appropriate training to increase knowledge and awareness of line personnel to increase the effectiveness of 4FTS operations.
Supervisors must recognise those factors in the workplace with accident potential and either report or rectify immediately to eliminate the potential to cause harm.

The actions and decisions taken shall be limited to those actions authorised in Babcock Defence Services Aviation Engineering Routine Orders (AERO) as governed by trade, experience and competence. All supervisors must be fully aware of trends and anomalies that can impact operations across 4fts and the relevant trade senior supervisors informed to allow these patterns to be fully
The supervisor shall provide frequent inspection of work areas, work methods and materials and equipment used.
All work recording entries on aircraft documentation are explicit, complete and legible.
Reference to any associated stage, functional or independent checks have been documented including references to the technical publication used.
Tony Harland, 01639-639200  
03 May 2008

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