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St John Ambulance Cymru

St John Ambulance Cymru (SJAC) has supported people and communities across Wales since 1918. We existed before the National Health Service and provided the earliest ‘medical’ support to those who were sick or injured.

Now, in 2022, St John Ambulance Cymru continues to perform a major role in strengthening community resilience, ensuring people are trained in first aid and able to fulfil key front-line roles to support vulnerable people, in addition to offering the opportunity for people from all backgrounds to develop their personal skills and confidence to support our charitable and income generating services whilst assisting their own career development. As a charity, we partner with the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust and the NHS Health Boards, providing ambulance support services in addition to a falls service as well as maintaining our reputation as being the leading organisation to deliver first aid training to both commercial businesses and local-based communities including schools throughout Wales.

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