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Benson Viscometers

  1. Benson Viscometers is the UK and World leader in providing instruments for testing Plasma Viscosity or PV
  2. Benson Viscometers Ltd is a British company that manufactures, distributes and maintains a range of clinical viscometers, tuned to analyse blood plasma viscosity.
  3. Our machines can aid pathology laboratories by providing a stable screening and diagnostic tool. Our viscometers provide fast on-site turnaround times which can average 15 minutes from receiving the blood sample.

Benson Viscometers Ltd is a British manufacturing company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of high quality plasma viscometers and blood measuring equipment.

We are proud that without any exception every member of the Benson Viscometers team personally “cares” about our responsibility to give an accomplished service in every aspect of our operation.

At Benson Viscometers we believe in engineering excellence, technical innovation and quality of service.

Established in 1999, our family-run company has established itself as the leader in the provision of Plasma Viscometers throughout the UK. The majority of the analysers have been installed in National Health Service (NHS) Pathology laboratories, but private laboratories located in Europe and the United Arab Emirates also use our equipment.

In May 2019 we received ISO9001:2015 certification. This was spearheaded by our lead quality & operation team as well as senior management. We believe that this falls in line with our continued efforts to provide a quality-focused, highly organised and friendly approach to our customers located in the UK and internationally.

Benson Viscometers is proud of its ability to design and develop new systems and is currently testing a new analyser which is not associated with viscosity to increase its market base.

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