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Wales Jobs is here to help job seekers find jobs in Wales. We have been helping job seekers find jobs in Wales since 2003, because of that, employers in Cardiff, Neath, Swansea, Bridgend and the rest of Wales know to place their vacancies with us. This means we have more live jobs in Wales in more sectors than any other job site.

The call centre industry has made a huge impact on the current job market creating hundreds and thousands of jobs for people every day. Call centres can hire up to 1000 staff or more depending on the size of the company and there are jobs advertised constantly on recruitment websites.

Working within a call centre can be stressful and repetitive, but the benefits provided by the call centre companies are very rewarding. There is a number of call centres opened throughout Wales offering plenty of job opportunities within the local areas. Besides the customer service and sales telephonist based roles, there are also administration vacancies as well as recruitment and management vacancies available.

Salaries for call centre jobs in Wales are £13,000 per annum for call centre workers and up to £50,000 for call centre managers. Obviously factors like size of business, jobs role and experience determine the size of the wage.

Throughout the site we have part time, full time, temporary, permanent, student, graduate and management jobs in Wales.

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