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Our Rebrand Story


Our Rebrand Story has been advertising Jobs in Wales since 1999.

We are an independent jobsite dedicated to advertising the best variety of job vacancies in Wales in over 50 different job sectors. To date we have advertised over half a million job vacancies in Wales. We started our company by advertising Jobs in Cardiff.

Each member of the team lives and resides in Wales giving us a natural understanding of the local marketplace. 

Our first website was very basic, lines of text, a hand full of Cardiff Jobs and a big flag of Wales (not very subtle, we know) but back then people were buying the newspaper each week to look for jobs and the internet was still a novel idea. In 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2014 we implemented major upgrades to our welsh Jobsites (12 of them!) This latest upgrade to our website and our rebrand is our biggest investment in to date. 

Making the decision

In late 2017 we wanted to have a full review of our website and our brand. The results were mixed. We had a fantastic variety of local jobs, and our client feedback was excellent.

However, the review showed that our website, brand and wider communications did not reflect the high level of service we provided.

Our website looked generic and didn't reflect our 20 years of local expertise. We only had very basic social media visibility and we needed to improve our communication with local jobseekers.

2 years in the making

We embarked on a two year process; our new website goes further than ever to facilitate local jobseeker and employer connections. Clients can also strengthen their job advert with photos, videos, social media, far more in depth information about themselves and their job vacancy to promote their recruitment brand and attract quality candidates.

These additional details allow candidates to know more about a company, BEFORE they apply. 

With our new "meet the manager" feature, candidates can see a 30 second video of the person they will work with or the person who is hiring them. All of this allows both job seekers and employers to make better connections. Job seekers can apply for jobs more suitable to them and employers will receive more suitable applications meaning less frustration and wasted time for both. 

A team effort

We included the team in every aspect of the rebrand and in each stage of the decision making process.

Every photo on the website and on our social media is a member of our team. We worked closely with a branding agency to help guide us, but the raw ideas often came from the team itself. Our new logo, colours, and features of the website were driven by feedback and input of the entire the team. - The Home of Welsh Jobs

"No, that makes us sound like a mobile phone company"
"I don't like it, it's too corporate"
"That doesn't sound like us"

We could not unanimously agree for a long time on a tag line:

Then a member of the team wrote this on the whiteboard during a brain storming session: Home of Welsh Jobs.

Everyone stopped and thought, usually we had instant resistance from someone in the team to a new tag line, but none came. Feedback was unanimously positive. - The Home of Welsh Jobs

There are many important aspects to the service we provide: The best variety of local jobs, a fantastic and easy to use website, great customer service, client support 7 days a week, and much more. The tag line felt right, to encompass all of this into just 5 words.

The launch

We launched the new Jobsite after extensive testing! As with all new technology, we are still fixing small errors and bugs but on the whole the new site is live and ready for you to use. We have 15,000 jobs live to search right now.

Welcome to - The Home of Welsh Jobs